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Main » 2013 » March » 27 » THINGS TO DO IN RAISING GODLY CHILDREN (Psalm 127:3-5).
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Factors that must be considered in order to raise Godly seed.


  1. Marry Right: A godly seed comes out from a godly union not an unequal yoke. Light and darkness cannot produce light. Children will naturally follow the negative in either their father or mother. Labour to follow God in marital choice, it will touch your seed.
  2. Pre-emptive prayers: Pray to seek God’s face before a child is born and know God’s ordained plan for him /her so you can co-operate with it. See Rebecca’s case as an example in Gen 25:22-23. Then co-operate with that plan and begin to pray it into existence, before birth and after the child has been born, this way the child will automatically live out the spelt out in God’s plan. Don’t leave that to the Pastor, do it yourself! Labour in prayer and in the word over him.
  3. Prevent your seed from this evil mix up: As children begin to grow up and get exposed to neighbors, friends, extended family members you have to watch against their picking up wrong traits from people they associate with and deal with them immediately. Don’t let the devil cast a cloak of evil manners on your seed, watch out! Labor to separate them from negative influences.
  4. Observe any manifestation of Ancestral flow: Don’t spare ancestral manifestations in your seed, the devils of your lineage may try to show up, it could be sickness, habit, evil cycles etc. Don’t overlook it, if any trait raises up its head in your seed, nip it in the bud! Labor to develop what your kids experience from time to time.


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